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 I hired Tri County Cleaning Services based on website testimonials. They were spot on!! Cheryl and her crew did a Spring clean in my kitchen/oven, baths, inside windows, and walls. Amazing results at a very reasonable price. Will hire again and highly recommend!! 

My house had never really been thoroughly cleaned in the year I've lived in it. I'm newly single and don't want my kids to live in filth, so I hired Cheryl to clean every week and started out with a deep cleaning today. They arrived right when they said they would. I didn't want to be in their way so I took the kids out for the day. I arrived back home to a house that smelled terrific. The tile floor in the kitchen looked new and it was absolutely filthy beforehand. I didn't think it was possible for it to look new again. The fridge was like new, they threw out expired foods and rotting fruit. The stove and microwave had been scrubbed clean. The toilet, tub, and sink were sparkling. My dishes were done and put away, the pantry was organized, and the walls were scrubbed down. And my toddler had drawn all over the walls, but almost all of it was cleaned off. I really assumed that they'd need to be painted, but nope. Basically they did a thorough and fantastic job. And they are certainly trustworthy because I also came home to some money that they found that I didn't even know existed!! I would definitely recommend.

Nicholas G. on March 28, 2016

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